World Cup 2010: VIA Global Challenge

This video outlines our journey to stop child sexual abuse in South Africa and around the world from being perpetrated by the abuse of media and technology.

Nadine Naidoo will be continuing the journey to South Africa from the USA. to document the voice of Visionaries In Africa who are trying to achive the MDG’s and in particular – those who will be on the frontline of protecting children from abuse in the converging online and offline environment.

On 11 July 2010, the world will beam the ‘beautiful game’ to more than 250 million football fans globally. But within South Africa, this will be yet another week-end of sexual abuse when the national public broadcaster will expose more than 20 million children and youth to harmful content on the same screen that will bring the World Cup entertainment to homes across the country. US manufactured pornography, global mobile distributors of pornography and local broadcasters have been collaborating for 10 years to strip children of their innocence.

The VIA 2010 Goal for Children aims to gather 30 000 fans globally ONLINE for a Memorial Tribute to those children we know we will have lost during the World Cup. Over 30 days 500 women and children will have been raped per day, and will received no access to social justice.

VIA appeals to our network of partners and our supporters to join us for a live webcast of the concert from Durban, South Africa. The virtual ticket is $10 and you will receive a download of the live recording.

30 Days | 8 Goals | 1 Goal for Africa’s Children


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