World Cup South Africa: 11 June 2010 – Podcast Day 1

As South Africa scores its first goal, Nadine Naidoo introduces the VIA series and the dream of a social legacy for Africa’s children and women, long after the beautiful game has ended.  

Nadine Naidoo - Visionaries in Africa Foundation, Social Entrepreneur, Broadcaster & Scholar

 Listen to Podcast 1: Nadine Naidoo shares the journey to this Visionaries In Africa World Cup media series

Credits: Transcriber, Swetha Kolluri 

I am Nadine Naidoo, an Ashoka fellow elected in South Africa in 2003 for the innovation – and the social enterprise-hybrid of ki media and VIA foundation where we are using media and technology to support the spirit of service and voluntarism pan-Africa… 

This attempt to build a digital network to strength the humanitarian network to rebuild the new democracy was further scaled by the creation of Spirit in Action which I produced, directed and anchored every Sunday morning on the SABC. Since 2007, I’ve been involved with leading and growing a counter movement of media producers and media consumers in the developing world who are being exploited by the rapid closure of the digital divide. Children’s and women’s rights in particular experienced a brief moment of precedence since 1994, the country’s first democratic election. But in 1998 the new parliament voted in favor of legalization of pornography negating the more than 4000 thousand submissions from South Africans, lobby groups, faith based groups, parents and other individuals who pleaded with government to allow for freedom of speech and freedom of expression not to be exploited for capitalist gain in favor of the sex industry at the expense of women and children’s rights to dignity and protection. 

In 2010 as the world gathers in South Africa for the beautiful game, the harsh reality of globalization will be experienced when the South African government’s decision to allow for the broadcast of pornography on public television will provide our visitors with the feast of pornography in every corner store in every suburb – on mobile and on television. And if they choose to search the internet for pornography our visitors will add to the country’s current leading position in the ranks of most number of searches for the word ‘porn’.  It is also the country deemed to be one of the rape and child rape capitals of the world. 


With support from Duke University and Ford foundation,  South Africa, I spent time as Social Entrepreneur in Residence at the Fuqua School of Business – Center for Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) in 2009. The research spanned 3 continents and 25 leading experts in social entrepreneurship and child protection across government, the non-profit sector and the corporate sector. The findings pointed to the need to scale up my use of media and technology within the VIA foundation strategy to “bring Africa to the world and the world to Africa”. Part of the operational strategy is to create full time jobs in the social enterprise sector in Africa where, by using our technology platforms we are able to create a positive causal loop within this global market of volunteers, academics and activists all focusing on one of the most rapidly transforming technology markets in the developing world.


Another role that Visionaries in Africa would have to play is that of ‘mediator’ or ‘bridge builder’ using the same media and technology to build an online human shield that protects children and their parents from online predators. The study provides an omnibus of solutions which any country in need of a national response can implement. And though I have made much progress in building Visionaries in Africa to a US organization, unfortunately there hasn’t been enough time to implement these solutions ahead of the World Cup in South Africa. The interventions required are tripartite alliance and there was simply no time to deploy that full strategy for maximum protection of our children. 

So the only option at this stage is for me is to try to attempt to document some of the evidence of harm and some of the efforts of those social entrepreneurs on the ground through this 30 day period of reporting.  

So who are we going to be talking to in SA? I am hoping that we are going to hear the voices of child protection agencies who will be dealing with the problems on the front line. I am really hoping to showcase the social impact opportunities led by more than 300 Ashoka fellows so that global and local audiences can be inspired to volunteer all across Africa. Most importantly I am hoping that we are going to hear the voices of children in SA who are not passive victims but agents of change who are volunteering in their own communities as leaders of today and tomorrow. 

One Response to World Cup South Africa: 11 June 2010 – Podcast Day 1

  1. Nevin Narraidu says:

    Hi Nadine;

    Your endeavors to protect our Children are indeed complementary. Hopefully this idea that has been given a voice by people like yourself is given birth to by those that wish to make a change. Good luck

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